Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 CPU 3 00ghz

The best processor in my opinion.(socket 478/775)
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  1. Hmm in its day the P4 (478 northwood) was a good chip - but from the arrival of the prescott core the chip didnt do so well. It was well known for heat issues, and wasnt that quick due to the extra line pipeline - compared to the AMD offerings at the time the P4 was woeful.
  2. Oh, yes, especially considering that in speed tests, an obsolete E6600 will run away and hide from it - even before you crank in a 40% - 50% overclock.

  3. oh yeah if they made more of that it would run over an i7 975 or maybe even the i9 1025
  4. Razorel said:
    The best processor in my opinion.(socket 478) not for 775

    There fixed it.
  5. P4 Extreme 3.4GHz with 2MB L3 Cache, MO stepping, 0.13 micron. BX80532PG3400F - RK80532PG0962M (SL7CH)

    Very rare and £££££'s
  6. Kill my Prescott. Kill it with fire. Kill it with its own fire *removes heatsink*
  7. i had my computer with pentium 4 prescott 3.4 ghz, and it used to heat up my room like a heater . In the winter my room used to stay warm , and in the summer i was sweating. I think this is due to the large heatsink :S
  8. I have a Coolermaster Jet 4 on my 3.2GHz Prescott with 3 80mm exhaust fans in the case - it also gets stifling in the warm weather!
  9. lol.. I still have a northwood 3.0ghz as my primary PC. I love it. Playing Dragon Age at Full Quality on it as a matter of fact. In fact... Thanks to consoles slowing down the CPU/Graphics push in gaming I will not have to upgrade until 2014 after 360 and PS3 get replaced... lol.. (as a matter of principal)

    I used to brag to my friends with 2Ghz C2D's that my 3Ghz was faster at single thread.. Then I wrote my own stupid benchmark program to prove it.. I was wrong. 2Ghz C2D is 32% faster even in a single thread than a 3Ghz Northwood.

    All that being said, and as much as I love it, unfortunately it is seriously outclassed these days so I must disagree.
  10. i wont to know whether this is Duel Core Processor (Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 CPU 3 00ghz)?? Please reply as soon as possible
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