LCD Screen blurry after graphics card upgrade

I just upgraded my graphics card and my screen is oversized and blurry. I removed the old drivers, turned off the pc put in my new video card (GeForce GTX 285 OCX) booted the pc back up and ran the driver installation I got off the nvidia website (this one in particular - rebooted again, changed my resolution back to the normal resolution I've always run at and have the blurry oversized display. Any thoughts?
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  1. It's not just the font that's messed up, the screen itself is no longer sized right. I skipped right over the disc that came with the card and just ran the newest download for my card from nvidia, would this cause any issues such as these.
  2. 1. What LCD?

    2. What native resolution for the LCD?

    3. What OS? (I'm guessing XP by the link which is broken btw).

    4. What resolution are you running at now?

    5. Can you post a pic of the problem? (Print screen should work)
  3. Hannspree hf259h

    1920 X 1080 (same settings as the last video card and ran fine)

    XP SP3

    1920 X 1080

    Will get pic up in a few

    Here is the link to another person with the same video card/monitor setup and same issue as I'm having.
  4. PervertedJustice said:

    Hmmm this is bringing back memories when I bought my BFG 8800 GTX OC... Nvidia new GPU were badly designed for video streaming and I was having my right top corner with speed overlaying...

    And they still get rendering problems now?
  5. adjust the overscan.
  6. For now, try older NVidia drivers. Try the next most recent and work backwards.

    Make sure DPI scaling is off and that your refresh rate is correct. Do you have DRIVERS for the monitor?

    Go into the NVidia interface and make sure it's not stretching (I don't know the section). There should be three different choices.

    Try running a tool to uninstall and clean up NVidia drivers then reinstall the latest driver.
  7. Thanks a lot for the suggestions everyone, gonna get this going tonight one way or another :). I'm going to try removing the drivers with a tool and reinstalling the latest first then going from there if that doesn't work. I'm hoping the old removal/new install didn't take properly.
  8. Tried removing the old and reinstalling a driver version before the newest release and got the same problem.
  9. nvidia control panel........manage custom resolutions........force high def res..( check box )....create..........advanced............timing standard/DMT

    in the advanced you can try and set your own and "auto" may help but the old way is to use DMT.

    ............ after you make your changes you have to hit "test" up in the corner......... that's about all I can remember....... hopefully there's enough info here to get you on your way.
  10. also forgot to say........ change signal or format ( control panel ) and select HD tv over dvi if that's how it connects..............
  11. Thanks, but that link a few posts up where you modify the .inf file did the trick. Hope this comes up for people with the same problem and they see the link. I was really getting frustrated with this.
  12. I tried the .inf trick but it din't work, icons are still blurry and I am losin' it. Help
  13. PervertedJustice said:

    Thanks for the link mate this worked for me also. :)
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