SSD Optimization needed on new build? Are you sure?

If I buy a new SSD, and I am building my own new computer, do I really have to tweak anything to windows boot up noticeably faster than a regular HD? Obviously I would want to have as few programs start up on startup, but is there really anything else I need to do?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. You don't need to do anything. Load win7 on the new ssd with no hdds connected. Best to use the intel rst driver if you have an intel cpu.

    Now you can enjoy the ssd the same as any other drive. It will access information about 100 times faster than an hdd regardless of any 'tweaks'. In fact Tom did a great article recently about the effect those tweaks have (or don't have). Check tom's home page and you will see it.
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    At a minimum, the controllers should be set to AHCI mode (in the BIOS) so that the TRIM command can be passed through to the SSD. The rest is a matter of opinion; many people follow Tecmo34's suggestions that were in a recent article:,2911.html .
    Even without any of these things the SSD will show an improvement, but some of these settings will give you less degradation over time.
  3. ^ right... AHCI (or RAID if you are using it) and NOT ide
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