Should I run 2 HDDs separately or in RAID 0?

Hi guys.

I've been meaning to fraps myself playing FPS games like CoD and BF.

I currently have 2 WD Caviar Black Sata III HDDs and 1 WD Caviar Black Sata II HDD.

I'm planning to use the Sata II HDD as a backup drive.

Should I run the game on one Sata III HDD and record with the other or should I put those 2 in a RAID 0 setup and record to the same drive?

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  1. RAID1 is a better option. Otherwise use them as two separate drives. RAID0 is just a wee bit prone to data loss!
  2. wee bit prone as in.... ? cus im looking for speed! dont wanna lag recording while playing =(
  3. Yeah, I'd go with RAID1, I had a very old raid 0 setup on my dad's computers once; what wound up happening is I actually lost a few files on the drive where my OS was installed and those turned out to be something to do with the OS, I think the csrss.exe couldn't initiate at first and then later I think something happened to the winlogon.exe as well. Needless to say, I needed to do a new install of xp and it was not a fun experience. Honestly, you won't be able to tell too much difference between the two, and the chances of this happening are extremely slim, but you never know. Of course, you could just ensure your partition is not on one of the drives you use in the raid :P Good luck and hope this helped out.
  4. Speed is a relative term. A Caviar Black drive on normal wont make you lag in recording. Your other system parts may. RAID0 just is a bit prone to crashing. Now you decide you want to lose 2TB or whatever the size is worth of data or speed the occasional 1 second lag while recording.
  5. I have RAID 1 on one of my machines, and you can definately notice the difference while gaming. In FPS, that lag can be critical.

    I also have used RAID 0, and threw my hard drives against the pavement when one *** out and they both became useless.

    I suggest neither, RAID 0 is only viable with SSD's because of the low fail rate, and RAID 1 is only viable for workstations that aren't used for gaming.

    RAID 3 or 4 will give you backup and speed. Invest in it.
  6. Just to add a point here. The western digital Black drives are not suitable for RAID configs, because WD disabled the TLER in them. I am guessing you have this model Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX.
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