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samsung spinpoint F1 TB or WD caviar black 1 TB ?

also from the best out of those two, as part of an very high end gaming setup would you reccomend either of them as the main hard drive ? say a setup based aroud i7 920 and gtx 295 on a 22 in monitor..

or would you go for a velociraptor .... if you did how would you justify the extra cost ? just to note i dont play online (i read somewhere about faster harddrives improve online performance)

many thanks
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  1. You probably meant Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB as it's faster than the F1. I just don't see how a faster hard drive can improve on-line gaming performance.

  2. So based on that article, the Velociraptor has 1 sec faster boot time and 1 sec faster crysis load time woooooooot

    i think ill go for the samsung F3
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