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Hello All,

My HDD is Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB.
I checked it with HD tune software and i observed the maximum data transfer rate is reaching upto 140mbps .
Is that ok or is it slow?
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  1. If you're talking MBytes per second then it's pretty good.
  2. Yes, it is 140 MBytes per second.
    Thank you for your reply.
  3. Seems like 140MBps is better than I found in other 7200.12 benchmarks like this.

    Remember however that if you are having an issue with performance this value is only part of the story. The average is far more important than the maximum transfer.
  4. I am getting low fps in almost most of the games and iam making sure it is not due to my new HDD. I have some problems with my old HDD and it stopped working few days back.
    What is the normal average data transfer rate?
  5. Low FPS will be rarely caused by hard drives. You'd probably be better off posting another thread under the systems section or the graphics section of the forum listing the precise problems you are seeing and your system configuration.

    Don't get me wrong though you'll certainly get help if you continue posting on this thread. Posting in another place would just mean more people who are keen on graphics or are more knowledgeable about the topic are more likely to see your post.
  6. problem...:)
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