How can i tell if i fried my chipset

Hi, I stupidly removed the pad on the bottom of my chipset heat sink on my pavilion a350n. Now pc turns on but won't do anything, no beeps, nothing. When I first turn it on I hear a little bit of hard drive sound but not much. I think the aluminum heat sink shorted out the chipset circuit. I hope I'm wrong. Thanks
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  1. Try replacing your pad. If you want to play with your pc, build your own. Those oem boards are expensive if you can find one.
  2. Tried that. Still no thinking from pc.
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    Look for the cmos jumper and try resetting the bios. With the system off, move the jumper over one position while keeping 2 out of 3 pins covered. Return the jumper to it's original position after one minute. If that doesn't work, try removing the motherboard battery then reinstall after one minute with the power supply unplugged.
  4. Tried both already. Thanks, though.I'm a novice, but I think I ruined the mother board and processor. It's an older computer Pavilion a350n, but I found a board and am waiting for a processor. I was able to get a Asus cobra board and ordered a used Pentium 4 3.4 ghz processor from ebay. Processor $60, board $144. When I put the board in the old processor didn't work so I ordered the used one.
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