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I bought the Asrock G41-LE, an Intel E6300 and 4GB of G.Skill HK 4 GB DDR2 800 Memory. Only "old" thing I am using is a Dell 250W PSU. When plugging the PSU into the MB (24 connector and the 4 12V connector), the PSU fan does NOT come on. Pressing the power button on the case (Raidmax ATX-238WU Tornado) does not do anything at all (I also used a jumper for instead of the power button cable to no avail).

ANy idea, whether this is just a too small PSU (still works in old Dell) or a bad Motherboard?

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    The connector may be the same but the wiring scheme may be different on the dell PSU, get a legit PSU not the proprietary POSs that dell uses in their systems. here is a nice cheap PSU upgrade especially after rebate
  2. That worked nicely! Thanks.
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