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does 38 degrees celcius idle for an amd phenom ii 720 overclocked at 3.2ghz sound about right? I have a zalman 9500nt cpu cooler. My case is a larger micro atx. Sometimes when i'm lucky if i wait sometime for the cpu to cool down it goes to 35 degrees. When it is on load consumption, it goes up to 54 degrees max. But mostly it's at 52-3 degrees. Does this sound about right for the particular cooler i am using?
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  1. for idle......that is very good, it is below normal stock temps.

    for full load, that is average
  2. 38 degrees is satisfactory? And 54 degrees is average for stock cooler or for the cooler i have in particular?
  3. if i got a phenom ii 955 processor. Would it be hottor on stock clock? Or about the same, they say they are coming out 95 watts in the future, if that happens would it be around about the same temperature idle as my current phenom? Or not really seeing how it is quad core? I'm worrying because in the future i will be getting a pii 955, and i will be staying with my cpu cooler and case. I'm only planning on overlcoking it on it's stock voltages.
  4. 38 is good for idle, it is in fact well below what a stock 720 cooler can do

    58 is ok for full load, normal stock coolers keep the 720 at around 62-64

    the new 95 watt Phenoms will also stay at around the same temps as the 720
  5. as i said 54 degrees, but that is one off, it usually hangs around 53, 52. So you're saying with stock it's 63 degrees? Oh and also goody, won't worry too much about cpu cooler and case problem.
  6. yes stock coolers on the 720 keep it around 61-65
  7. does this configuration look alright, in terms of air cooling. I also note when i take the cover of the case the temperature goes down a bit too.

    There is also a front case fan and as you can see a bottom air vent on the case
  8. It is fine

    and yes the temp will go down when u take the cover off cuz then u have totally fresh colder air

    Your temps are very good, don't stress about it, at the worst ur temps are a bit lower than usual, which is good, so in other words, u are fine in any case,

    What are u worried about?
  9. i have a micro atx case as you can see. There were space limitting factors on my desk that made me have to choose micro atx. I'm just worrying that if i had got an atx case, the temperatures would have gone down alot more. Looking at those pictures of my case would you say that my case is satisfactory at cooling the cpu down? I'm just thinking that there were a number of atx cases for near the price. But then i'm happy with a micro atx set up, with this case i can actually stick any gpu card i want. I don't need SLI/CFX, especailly not for a 19 inch screen with a 1280 x 1024 resolution. That's the only downside i suppose, and the fact i can't put liquid cooling/ bigger fansink cooling into the pc. but then temps go down by like 5 degrres celcius and that for me sounds like alot and that there is something seriously flawed with my case.
  10. I am running a 720 @ 3.0GHz with the fourth core unlocked. My idle temps are around 35 and load temps are around 50 C. I use K10 stat though which lets me customize the power saving profiles and undervolt.

    I am using a cooler from an older Athlon and I have retrofitted a bigger fan. Basically a modded heatshink. I also have my side panel open.

    I hope this helps.
  11. what is the original heatsink that you have? And what is the fan size of it. Do you rekon my temps are average or typical to my type of cpu cooler? So there are no major problems with my matx layout?
  12. The fan I have is an 80mm. I have it hooked to a rheostat which allows me to control its speed. The original heatsink was the small one that comes with the 720. I was not satisfied with it.

    I think your temps are fine although I'd expect a better performance out of a Zalman 9500. Maybe your ambient temp is higher. Mine's around 21 C.
  13. If ur really that worried just re apply the heatsink and try that.
  14. xsever have a look at the links i posted previously in this message. They show the pictures of my case configuration. Then you can criticise and tell me why the zalman 9500 should perform better. I'm also using arctic silver 5 thermal compund as well take that into account.
  15. I can see the pictures although they are not very clear. As Upendra09 said, maybe you need to re-apply the thermal paste to get better results.

    I am not trying to criticize just for the sake of it. Given that I am using an older Athlon's heatsink and you are using a zalman 9500, you should be getting better temps than me. As I said before, maybe your ambient temperature is higher.
  16. no i want you to critisize it. My ambient temps are about the same as yours. So what temps would you expect from the cpu. The nb voltage also seems to effect it as well. When i put it down the temps are lower. When i put it on auto the temps become slightly higher. Putting it down still seems to keep the computer stable.
  17. also what speed do you have your fan running at? I have mine running at 2000 rpm which isn't max speed.
  18. the voltage will affect heat because less power just means less heat

    what are you worried about?
  19. @Nashsafc

    I cannot tell you exactly where your temps should be because I am running customized power states (Using K10Stat). There are so many variables so it is really not easy to pinpoint numbers. The Zalman 9500 is pretty good cooler, so I expect it to perform better. By how much? I would not be able to tell you unless you are running the same settings I am.

    Take a look at mine:

    Clock Speed______________ Voltage
    3.0GHz __________________1.3125
    2.1GHz__________________ 1.0750
    1.6GHz__________________ 1.0250
    0.4GHz__________________ 0.6625

    With these settings, and an ambient temperature of 20C, idle is 32 C and load is 49 C. I do not know exactly what is the RPM of my fan since it's hooked to a rheostat. All I know is that it's running at the lowest speed that can be set by the rheostat.
  20. My ambient temps are around about 21. They vary sometimes 23. But it looks like even when it's 19 degrees the cpu still shows 38 degrees idle. When it is 22 degrees the cpu shows 38 degrees idle. Could this because of the graphics card limiting it. But then not really, because when the graphics card goes from 38 degress to 44 degrees the cpu stays exactly the same with no slight heat increase.
  21. Could you please read my replies well and understand what I am trying to tell you. I do not get the point of your last post. Ok your graphics card may or may not be affecting it ( I do not think it is) but what else?

    How can I help you further? What are you trying to do?
  22. it's ok, you have helped me thanks. if i want any better temps i would need a new case but i am satsifietd with this one.
  23. I suggest you check out K10Stat and tune your power saving profiles. It could be very complicated since I do not know how skillful you are, but it's worth it.
  24. how would i do that? If i fon't know how to do that is that suggestiong finished lol? But i understand fairly quickly as i was able to build my computer from no knowledge at all from reserching to knowing quite a bit.
  25. i'm getting 37 degrees idle now
    and when i take of the case lid, it hardly effects temperature difference. It's because there's a nice vent right infront of the fan of the cooler

    Check out this link. It's translated from German. It talks about K10Stat and how you set it up. I started with this tutorial, learned the basics, and then continued the tweaking on my own.
  27. You can run at 3.2 GHz completely stable at 1.175 Volatage. The CPU stays idle at around 34 and load temp is at 48 for me (Using a Corsair H50 though). Still that voltage should be fine for your 720, it works with my 955.
  28. 1.175 processor voltage? Or nb voltage. Are you saying it greatly reduces tempereature? But if i'm not going to overclock more than on stock volts or any other processor and it is just under 60 degrees celcius, is this safe for my computer? Should it hopefully last for a long time? Although i know that my motherboard can overvlock more, i have tried it and it works with no stability issues, but people tell me that when you overvolt it the life expectancy of the processor goes down.
  29. Staying below 60 is fine for this processor. The AMD limit for the 3 core CPU is around 70.

    As for the 1.175 V @ 3.2 GHz, this is called undervolting not overvolting. AMD has a higher default voltage, so yannifb reduced the voltage thereby undervolting.

    Overvolting may harm the chip on the long run. It depends on how it's done, and how it's cooled.
  30. yeah when i was talkingabout overvolting i meant when overclocking over 3.2ghz. I wasn't talking about that voltage level. but thanks for the help. Also. Do you know what the max temperature for the quad cores are using the 955 as an example? when the 955 comes out 95 watt in the future will it be most likely the same temperatures compared with my processor or not really? On stock or same 400mhz more clock?
  31. Max for quads is 63 C. You should not go over this.
  32. WHATT. they should be about the same temperature as my phenom ii 720 as well shouldn't they or hotter? am i better of then with a 3 core in this smaller case and smaller cooling fan than if i were to get a quad core?
  33. oh, and for dual cores do they have hiher maximum heat limits?
  34. The X3 Phenom II have 70 as the max temp while the X4s have 63 C as their limit.
  35. i know and what i'm saying is that i'm guessing i would be better of with the phenom ii 720 since it has a higher temperature limit. Someone said that if i got the quad core 95 watts it should be about the same temp as my phenom x3, and my cpu gets near 54 which is quite close to 60. Anyway i only game, or use microsoft word or low lelvel applications exclusively at one time. So if i got a quad core i should really see no difference in gaming especially? At the same clock rate.
  36. Did you read my last post?!

    The Phenom II Quad cores have 70C as their maximum limit while the X3 720 have 60 C.

    Being at 54 is fine since you are never exceeding it. If you are that worried, do not go and buy a quad core just because it's max temps is higher. NO THAT IS WRONG!

    You go and invest in a better heatsink and/or case to improve your airflow.
  37. on the amd website it says for the x3 that it's maximum temps are 73 degrees. And i'm sure i heard you say that 60 degrees was the max for the quad cores.

    Here have a look at this.

    yes i was right.
  38. please don't damage or confuse me

    What i'm worrying about is that the phenom x4 max temps are lower, so i'm worried if i were to get one, and when it goes on load it might possibly go near that limit boundary. So overclocking is limitted. So i would need to invest in a new case and cooler etc if i were to upgrade. But what i'm saying is that i wonder, and that i'm not actualy wanting to upgrade, but if i were to push extra power out of the computer for games. So i suppose it doesn't come of that much of a loss really, since apparently 3 cores are almost the same as quad cores in most games, apart from games like supreme commander, and also gaming will have to be done exclusively on its own in relation to doing other tasks at the same time.
  39. hey you know on the phenom ii x3. How it has slightly less cache, is that because amd have reduced the cache, or they have locked some of it and i can unlock it? Or would it not be stable for a 3 core?
  40. it is locked because sometimes, they take faulty phenom II x4s and disable certain bad parts and market them as tri cores or dual core Phenom IIs

    You can unlock them but it is a gamble whether or not the CPU will work later, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But if u can get it to run you get good boosts in performance and it is likt winning a lottery
  41. i have an nforce motherboard apparently i can't unlock 4th core. I havn't heard about not being able to unlock cahce but i think that would go with it too. I'm happy with my 3 core i don't want a 4 core; consumes more energy. but then it's only 0.5mb of cache that the 3 core has less than the quad and is locked. That doesn't really matter at all or would make significant difference in games?
  42. the cache won't make a big difference but the core will boost ur performance. It will help with multi thread apps and games
  43. Nashsafc said:
    i have an nforce motherboard apparently i can't unlock 4th core. I havn't heard about not being able to unlock cahce but i think that would go with it too. I'm happy with my 3 core i don't want a 4 core; consumes more energy. but then it's only 0.5mb of cache that the 3 core has less than the quad and is locked. That doesn't really matter at all or would make significant difference in games?

    Most games are not coded for more than two cores, so no the fourth core doesnt really matter for gaming.
  44. yeah i know, there's hardly much more performance with a quad at the same clock frequency. I'm guessing the 3 core, while playing a game exclusively overclocked to 3.2ghz would be about 5 FPS less than a phenom ii 955. Is that more or less true?
  45. it might not even give u any FPS difference if any 2 FPS max
  46. also i have a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution, which is native because i have a 19 inch square monitior which i am happy with because it is off exceptional qaulity. i bought it because "it makes graphics cards happy" so that i can play crysis hopefully getting more FPS and 19 inch is still fairly big. Compliments a smaller gaming rig as well, also i'm using aa and af on games apparently i heard with aa and af on, looking at reviews the pii 720 comes close to the pii 955 and the i7 920 in FPS, i think especially for crysis, lol i think it was something like 20 FPS for all of them and the i7 920 was 21 FPS for a large resolution with aa and af.
  47. Nashsafc said:
    yeah i know, there's hardly much more performance with a quad at the same clock frequency. I'm guessing the 3 core, while playing a game exclusively overclocked to 3.2ghz would be about 5 FPS less than a phenom ii 955. Is that more or less true?

    The difference would be less than 5%.

    Here is benchmarks of stock 720 vs 955

    Here is 720 vs 920 (both 2.8ghz)

    So at 3.2ghz it would be possible that the 720 could do better than 955 due to the fact that both have 6MB L3 cache, and the 720 only has to share it with 3 cores.
  48. so you're talking about cache in relation to core quanitity, dividing cache among the cores. When you have less cores, cache is more effectively used for more single or double core optimised tasks?
    Wow looking at those links, that really is quite complimenting, so my x3 might be better than pii x4 at some games clock for clock then. Plus the pii 720 has a significantly higher maximum heat limit. It consumes less power as well, so it is a better fit into a matx case?
    Also about the sceond link, you've got to be kidding me, that the pii 720 is that close. I thought the 965 even struggles with the i7 920 at games, such as far cry 2 and left for dead. Also i thought that amd does bad in general with crysis. Anandtech isn't biast though is it? But then i heard that ananstech is usually subjective in favour of intel, so this really complements the pii 720.
    is it actually possible to unlock this extra cache then on an nforce motherboard for the pii 720? They aught to have got rid of the forth core on the phenom ii 720 and added more cache such as given it 12mb altogether which i have heard some intel processors do. This would have made the pii x3 an official 3 core and it should make it beat quads at games clock to clock nicely. But obviosuly gaming exclusively on its own.
  49. x3 are just amd's way of salvaging defective quad cores. Oh and Anand is one of the most respected names in the industry. People say he is Intel biased but he just does more coverage of Intel be cause they are on top right now.
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