GPU fan speed???


I was woundering if its possible to lower the RPG on a GPU :)

I have two 560ti in SLI (MSI afterburner fan speed is at 40%)

top gpu @ 1900RPM

Buttom gpu @ 1890RPM

I want to lower the RPG for when im watching a movie....

I dont mind the fan speed in game because i have my headset on and cant hear it

Ive got msi afterburner/EVGA Precision and SpeedFan

could someone shed some light on this?
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  1. RPG??? RPM?
  2. yeah you can set it manually , thats it but do it everytime :P unless there are automatic profiles in msi software .
  3. What is RPG? and msi afterburner is what you need for fan control on your gpu. you have to save it to a profile number on the app tab. after you apply it.
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