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Hello everyone, I'm new to this place and have a very tricky situation that I need some help with. Let me explain the hardware I am using and the situation.

Firewall Fortinet 80cm
Nomadix Access Gateway 3100

Two Dell Powerconnect 60245 and 3348 switches

Two sundil wireless 24 port 5000 wireless switches

On this network we have an internal network identified by a 10. network which has wireless and regular internet access which works. On the same network or Vlan with another IP address (192.168) we have another network for guests of the building. It has wireless that works, but for some reason the hard line is not working, and will always return an IP address of 192.168.254 something which means that it is not working. I try to ping the access gateway and cant get it to reply, it times out. On the Nomadix ag 3100 that is going to port 4 on the power connect and every vlan has full rights to port 4 on that switch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been stuck in a server and switch room for over a week now trying to figure this out....

I have msn messenger if anyone would like to go over some troubleshooting while I am onsite. Thank you!
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  1. Does Nomadix Access Gateway 3100 support subinterfaces?

    If so, do you set up a subinterface at that gateway? You have 10 and 192.168 networks. You need to set up 2 subinterfaces, one for each subnet, router-on-a-stick scenario. It might help if you use nmap's zen gui frontend. Use it on a PC in each network and see what is the visibility for each subnet.

    My another guess is do you properly map the IP space, properly allocating subnet addresses for those subnets? This is based on your "return an IP address of 192.168.254 something"
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