I5 2500(k) + z68XP ud4

First of all ill like to say hello to all community and thanks. Since i discovered this site i dont need anything more, all reviews are very useful and posts of other people helped me a lot to decide the last changes i made on my computer (just bought 2 weeks ago a gtx 570 :D ). Anyway, im not completely sure if this is posted in correct section, so change this if i posted wrong.

Well, now ill try to explain my question the best i can (maybe i should say im spanish, think its enough excuse if i write something wrong lol, and if its not enough this is my first post, so be patient :kaola: )

So, if all goes like i want in a few weeks ill buy the i5 2500 or 2500k with the motherboard Gigabyte z68XP UD4. I wont like to change mi ideas of the motherboard except you tell me that it has a big problem, but with reviews i readed think its good. The question i have is with the CPU. I dont want u to say me what should get for gaming haha I know that the "k" series have unlocked multiplier, and i have the idea of overclock the i5 with my corsair h100. The problem is, in theory if you have the i5 2500 locked, you have a limit with the multiplier, but, with the motherboard i wont be able to reach that limit? Im not an expert and the 10 € difference between k and no k is not so big, so i wont have problems buying the "k", but i would like to know if its completely necessary.
Relationed with the CPU, can u tell me which is the max speed ill be able to reach with the i5 (supposing i get the 2500k) but allowing to have the turbo boost engaged? I accept that having it at 5 ghz its cool, but innecesary lol, so id prefer having the turboboost engaged. Suposing the motherboard gives me an 12% more or less of automatic OC, which would be max speed?

Also have to decide what memory should i buy :( Its so many difference between running at 1600 that at 2100 mhz? Ill take 8 gb, but dont know if from kingston, OCZ, G. SKill... The problem is that the memory that sell in all shops where i live go at max speed of 1600, so if i decided to buy a 2100 mhz memory i would have to buy it by internet :fou: I just want it for gaming, so im not sure, with 8 gb think that the speed wont be a problem.

Thats all i needed to ask you, if want to know anything more about what use ill give, or my other components or anything like that feel free to ask me :D

PD: if my gtx 570 (gigabyte with windforce x3) makes an electric noise with Kombustor but gigabyte does not accept that in garanty because it doesnt work bad, what sould i do? That noise its not produced by fans, after some hours at Kombustor, max temperature is 43º C, thanks to my 9 fans on my Hummer Nox case lol I dont know what to do to know why its produced... It also happens with Shogun 2, during initial videos from intel and all of that it makes the noise, but after them the gtx dont make noise and works perfectly. If continues making that noise maybe ill switch off all fans and watch what happens... in that moment gigabyte will have to give me a new one :lol:
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  1. If you have any plans on overclocking then the "k" version is the one to get as it will make things a lot easier for you. The non "k" can only be overclocked by adjusting the bclk on the motherboard and with the sandybridge you do want to keep the bclk at 100 so a person wanting to overclock the "k" version is the one to get. The turbo boost on the non "k" version will only get you to 3.7ghz. Most people are overclocking the 2500k to 4.5ghz and it is very stable and seems to be the sweet spot for that cpu. Since you have the H-100 cpu cooler you would have no trouble at 4.5ghz with any heat issues. The ram you want to get depends on your use and since gaming is your priority 8gb would be more than enough and 1600mhz again does seem to be the sweet spot for ram if you want to go higher then that is your choice and you do want to make sure the motherboard and cpu support it. Corsair or GSkill are good choices and you can't go wrong with either one. The noise with your video card is it coming over your speakers or from inside the case , I can't imagine it coming from inside the case unless it's a fan or the board is not seated all the way in.
  2. The max speed with the 2500k i know you can reach 4 ghz easily. What i pretend is to have maximum speed but stable allowing me to have TurboBoost engaged. Not sure if its possible. About the ram... well all seems to be identical lol Think that need more time comparing them. Probably i get G. Skill.
    The noise im completely sure it cames from inside, when i go into my case i hear that electric noise near the video card... It could be the motherboard, because actually i have a *** motherboard originally from a HP Pavillion, and when i changed the video card it doesnt seems to like that change, because give me so many problems with network integrated card that i dediced tu buy another for the pci slot... Ill wait till i get the motherboard and if continues making that noise ill send it again.

    Thanks for your answer! :D
  3. I could be wrong as I do not have a sandybridge cpu , but in order to overclock you do have to disable the turbo boost. You cannot have an overclock and then have the turbo boost kick in , you could potentially blow the cpu.
  4. Damn... probably when it arrives ill stay a few weeks with stock speed and then ill oc it... Or maybe ill overclock it when Gigabyte releases his mobo "update" with UEFI, because now just have an simple and limited useful BIOS lol

    Finally I decided to get the G.Skill Ripjaws-X F3-12800CL7D-8GBXH. Ill buy it tomorrow and ill be ready for skyrim :D Next upgrade think that it will be an SSD. Anyway, thanks for help!
  5. Having turbo on while overclocking will just cause instability. There's really no reason to have turbo on if you overclock as the cpu will downclock to 1.6ghz and only go the the OC speed when it needs to.

    The auto-oc usually sets a higher voltage causing high temps/power so it's best to oc yourself.

    Ram speed really makes no difference in games and 1600 is barely more than 1333, which is why everyone is getting 1600.
  6. k1114 said:
    Having turbo on while overclocking will just cause instability. There's really no reason to have turbo on if you overclock as the cpu will downclock to 1.6ghz and only go the the OC speed when it needs to.

    The auto-oc usually sets a higher voltage causing high temps/power so it's best to oc yourself.

    Ram speed really makes no difference in games and 1600 is barely more than 1333, which is why everyone is getting 1600.

    turbo boost is intel's trademark term for overclocking the k series is factory set to oc
    enabling turbo boost is enabling overclocking you can oc accordingly just has a factory default
  7. A month old thread bump, ibtl? You can read about turbo boost here. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/turbo-boost/turbo-boost-technology.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Turbo_Boost

    Turbo boost is a technology (not a term per say) that is an auto overclocking feature. It overclocks but is not synonymous with overclocking. Let's say a 2500k is set to 3.3ghz with turbo on will let it go above it's set speed with extra 4 bins to play with, 3.4ghz on all cores to 3.7ghz on 1 core. But then if you actually overclock setting the speed to 4.5ghz turbo will want to be off to not go above the set speed. AFAIK all mobos auto disable turbo when overclocking, even if the option in bios says enabled.
  8. I got the Intel I5 2500 (Non K) with a Gigabyte z68 xp-ud4 combo from newegg for around $340 2 weeks ago. I see now they have the k version with an msi board but this one is for the kids and i got great deals building this PC close to 500 total with the crazy black Friday sales newegg had.

    Anyways to mt surprise I wasn't looking for an overclocking machine because I have my Rig for that. Well when i got into the bios of the mobo the multiplier allowed me to to get up to 4.0 GHz stable with the multiplier @ 40. I heard that there would be limited over clock but I adjusted it up ran some tests in all is good. A also left the Cstates, Eist so I can conserve energy when the speed is not needed. Anyways the multiplier goes up to 41 but I have had crashes and the Bios will tell me due to an overclock crash. Probably an increase of voltage would help but I don't want to leave it at a higher voltage all the time. So I will just stick with 4GHZ good enough for this rig. I see there is another way to increase the clock but I am happy this board let the non k version go up to 4ghz
  9. Did you say the ud4 is for kids? Because it doesn't make a difference.

    If you left the vcore on auto, it probably already turned up the voltage pretty high. You'll want to manually set it. And voltage will change at idle vs load if you use offset mode. You don't need to change any settings except vcore and multiplier when overclocking. The other settings are pretty much for "extreme" overclocking. You can actually overclock undervolting; ie having voltage lower than stock but higher speed (ghz).
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