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I have 8 SATA connections on my MB. 4 are 3gb/s and 4 are 1.5gb/s For some reason only 2 of the 4 slots on the 3gb/s are working correctly. I want to know if I put my 2 WD Raptor 70GB 10000 rpm drives on the 1/5 gb/s slots, am i going to loose performance? Can the WD drives be bottlenecked by the 1/5 gb/s interface?
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  1. Depends on the model (what capacity are the Raptors). The 600 GB versions, benchmarked in 2009, reached 130 MB/s, so they were getting close to the limit two years ago. It's an awfully close call. You may not notice any effect. Affect?

    Can you put one of the Raptors on a working SATA II port and do a quick benchmark?

    By the way, what is the motherboard, and do you want to try to get the other SATA II ports to work?
  2. It is an old system. The Raptors I bought in 05 and the motherboard is a NF4 SLI-DR Expert. Which benchmark do you suggest?
  3. Gotta go look. I thought that I used Atto, but when I went to download it this weekend it was behind a membership wall. Anyone want to weigh in on this?

    If you bought the Raptors in 2005, I don't think that any drives back then could saturate SATA I.
  4. It's only the more recent, highest-density drives that have transfer rates that exceed around 120+MByte/sec or so that are bottlenecked by SATA running at 1.5Gbit/sec. I can't imagine older 70GB Raptors being an issue. The Raptor's superior performance stems from their faster access times, not their transfer rates.
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