Best Way to Measure CPU Temp???

I downloaded speedfan and coretemp to check my newly installed CPU operating temperatures and am getting vastly different results. Can anyone explain this?

I am running an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.1 Ghz, 512 l2 cache per core, 89 watts). Its on a Dell E521.

Speedfan gives me 25c and coretemp gives me 48c and 46 c at the same moment, same load (very low, system recently turned on). The higher temp readings are of concern, since the CPU is rated to 62 C.

The system does not feel hot to the touch anywhere, so I am really wondering about the coretemp readings.

What would be the most accurate way to measure the temp??? Thanks
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  1. try hwmonitor aswell. Then see if it has the same readings as one of your other two programs.
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