I want to clone and ide drive with windows xp

I am trying to clone an MAXTOR ide drive from a SATA Seaagte drive and everytime I clone it with GFhost 15 and finish the clone I go to install it and is not recognized on an ide motherbord from Gateway computer.I setup the BIOS correctly to boot off the first cloned MAXTRO drive but it is not recognized???Swe3nd your response to paulchav@pacbell.net.


Paul chavez
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  1. 1) This is only legal if you have licenses for both machines.
    2) What exactly happens when you try to boot from the IDE drive? I would expect the boot to start, but fail because the installation has the wrong drivers. A repair installation would be needed. Boot from the installation DVD and choose a repair installation.

    If it doesn't even recognize the disk as bootable, that's another story. Did you clone the entire drive or only the partition? If the partition, then the cloned drive doesn't have the Master Boot Record and Boot loader; an repair installation will fix this. If you cloned the whole drive and your system doesn't see it as a bootable drive, that may be a different problem.
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