Torn Between Two Cases CMHAF932vsThermaltakeKandalf

Okay so I've built my i7 system and currently am using an old full tower that i had because i really could not decide which case to go with, it seems as though there are many good ones but i can't decide. Finally i've narrowed it down to these two:

Thermaltake Kandalf


Cooler Master HAF 932

Both look really well but here is the points that I really want clarified and i can't find much information on them. I am not a case specialist so i need some help.

-Can the HAF 932 top mount a PSU?...on newegg in specs it says its bottom mounted but I am pretty sure i see a top mount slot for it.

-If the HAF can top mount a PSU, will a corsair 850TX be able to fit in with thier being a 230mm fan mounted on the top? Will I have to remove the 230mm fan?

-If I would have to remove the 230mm top fan, will i be able to mount a smaller one like a 200mm or something like that?

-What is better for case structure, steel or aluminum?

-The front fan of the HAF 932 is on the bottom of the front panel, is that where the hard drive bays are? I need a fan blowing right at the hard drive bay to cool them.

-I have a solid State drive which is currently laying down on the bottom of my case, but where would be the optimal spot to put a solid state in both cases and which case would have a better spot for the solid state.

Now for the Opinions?

-Which case do you think is made of better quality material and structure.

-Which case do you think has better cooling?

-Which case has better wire organization?

-I already counted up and the HAF is larger then the kandalf in cubic inches by around 10% if i did my math right and has more "mm" worth of fans, the haf has 830mm worth of fans and the kandalf has 670mm...if that matters.

-Price is not a determiner here, as the difference is less then 10 dollars. Whichever case you think is better based on the points mentioned above?

-Thank for all your help, I am currently leaning towards the 932 a tiny bit, but the kandalf looks really good!
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    The usual comparison is between the HAF 932 and the Antec 1200...a good comparison is here.,2105.html

    For the most part, style separates the two.....HAF cools a little better but the cost is increased noise.

    -What is better for case structure, steel or aluminum?

    All things being equal, steel is more rigid, aluminum is lighter.....if you a LAN party dude, get Aluminum....otherwise, stick w/ steel.

    -Which case do you think is made of better quality material and structure.

    1200 and 932 in the same class though 1200 is a bit sturdier due to greater weight and less grille areas

    -Which case do you think has better cooling?

    - See above review.....932 gets edge here tho at the cost of greater noise. OTOH, add the two optional fans to the 1200 and I think that more than picks up the difference. All fans in the 1200 have speed control and LED's in both can be turned off.

    -Which case has better wire organization?

    If ya don't use an Antec PSU, may need a cable extension for the 8 pin EPS plug

    Antec won't fit an eATX MoBo but large ATX like the Asus R2E fit in easily. I'd use an Antec SG-850 in the 1200 and a Corsair HX-150 in the 932. One other consideration is that the 1200 fits the Antec CP-850 which is a better PSU than Corsair's TX or Antec's TP series. Quality wise it's just a hair lower than the SG / HX but at ha;f the price.

    All in all, either choice 932or 1200 would be hard to find fault with. The kandalf however just isn't in that category.
  2. Well if aluminum is lighter why does the kandalf weigh 39lbs (aluminum) and the steel HAF is 29lbs?
    -I'm not getting an antec but from your post, i see you want to lean towards the HAF932....correct?.
    Good advice and thanks for the help, lets see what others say.
    Also I am fine with some more noise from the computer, it doesn't bother me much as my TV usually covers up all the noise. And does the HAF have speed control?...if not, will a fan controller work well with it?
  3. HAF, by all means.

    My opinion: Thermaltake cases in general seem gimicky.
  4. The Kandalf weighs more because of all the extra metal like those doors on the front end and the one piece top to bottom drive cage. The HAF 932 has a lot better ventilation which also reduces weight. Take a good look at the photos of both cases.

    For the record - I have a HAF 932. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent.
  5. Wow...i was leaning towards the HAF a tiny bit from the beginning and everyone is for it for the i'll wait for some more replies and see some other opinons but its looking like the HAF is finding a home here. But can somebody still answer the questions from my first post about the HAF w/ the PSU mountings and the FAN? Can the PSU be mounted on the top and bottom?...and if its top mounted will the 230mm top fan still fit there?...can sombody answer those questions from my opening post.

    Thanks for the all the opinion/advice so far :)...
  6. I have used the kandalf on 2 computers and the 932 on 1. All i have to say is that thermaltake is totally b***sh*t compared to coolermaster. And this comes from someone whose rig is in a tt armor. Dont get the Thermaltake. The HAF is way better.

    1.Am not sure wheather this is possible but is there a specific reason for it?
    Dont mount the psu on top. There is no advantage (probably only disadvantages)

    2. The front fan does blow directly on the HDDs

    3. Both cases are sturdy and durable (both are made with high quality materials).
    BUT i've cut my hands on numerus TT cases while never on A coolermaster case.

    4. The kandalf doesnt have any better collong than a box with fans. It is also more noisy than the CM even if the airflow is less

    5. Wire managment seems better on the 932 but both are quit good in this aspect.

    unfortunately i dont have any of the cases now so i cannot answer your questions in more detail.
  7. blackhawk1928 said:
    -I'm not getting an antec but from your post, i see you want to lean towards the HAF932....correct?.

    Sorry, lemme clear that up a bit:

    My 1st Choice is the Antec 1200
    My 2nd would be the HAF 932
    The Kandlaf doesn't make my Top 20
  8. Thanks for all the help guys. I've read some more reviews on my own from other websites and examined carefully pictures of both cases and the HAF does look better. Looks like thats what I am getting :) Thanks again
    And Jack Naylor thanks for the straight forward explanation.
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