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I’m sure this has been asked a hundred times, so I apologize in advance. I’m starting a new build I’m wanting to go with EVGA I’ve had good experience with them in the past, Should I go with a X58 or P55. I like to play a lot of graphic intensive games, but I also do video editing and ripping a lot. Which do you all think will be better suited to my needs? The X58 with the 920 and triple channel memory or the P55 with 8xx cpu and dual channel but high speed memory and USB 3.0 and
sata 3? thanks
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  1. Here is a comparison between the i7 920 and i7 860... They are both pretty equal so depending on your budget I would go with the i7 860 to save cost. The i7 920 starts to pull ahead when you start getting into high level HD video editing or large CS4 work loads.
  2. Reasons to go w/ 920

    1. future availability of hexacore processors for X58-based platforms

    2. the LGA 1366 interface’s ability to support triple-channel memory(only comes into play w/ hexacore processors).

    3. the X58’s additional support for high-bandwidth devices such as professional RAID controllers,

    4. the X58's ability to handle multiple x16 x16 PCI-E lanes for multiple GFX cards (only comes into play w/ $400 and up GFX cards)
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