Any hope for my new fried pc ?

Well..first of all i was building a new pc:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 3.10 GHz skt AM3 box
Mobo:Asus M4A78T-E
RAM: Corsair 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 CL9 DHX Dual Channel Kit
HDD: Hard disk Samsung 320GB SATA-II 7200RPM 16MB NCQ SpinPoint F1 Series
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-550VX
Case: Aplus Monolize II
Case fan: AKASA AK-274CB-4BLS

To cut it off quickly i'll say exactly how i managed shortcircuit my mobo. After installing the cpu on the mother board..then hdd,psu, case fans and dvd on the case, i wanted to install my motherboard into the case. Sice it was my first time building a pc, i didn't knew i needed metal screw standoffs. My case didn't have a manual :| .

So, I thought this mobo doesn't need any standoffs -omg i'm so idiot (my old pc had some other kind of metal standoffs that looked like a hump and that were inserted into little holes in the case) ... i just used only 4 screws to get the mobo intact on the case...(how idiot i am !!!!). After powering it on the case fan led powered up one second and than the system turned boot screen no beeps no nothing! then i smelled something weird ..i thought it was the case fan so i removed all peripherials and turnd it again with no effect...only the cpu cooler moving very slowly the psu fan i turned it off again ... and then checked it again and did another last sum up: 3 desperate tries to resuscitate my dearest mobo..

Well this was it :(( my new pc is dead within a second

I packed the system and i m waiting for an expert to come tommorrow to measure the voltages...but meanwhile i want to know what should i expect...
After inspecting the mobo i saw a small circuit with another color than i think that got fried...i know there is no hope for this mobo's toasted

But i want to know at least if anything else did get fried in this process: did the cpu suffered (i believe so :( ) ? are RAM, case fans, hdd, dvd and psu alright ?

Is there anyhope so i can't get a new mobo from the guarantee certificate? ( i want to put the screw standoffs like they should be before going with the system to the dealer..i want to make it look alright and convince them the mobo had a fault :P )

Any suggests/recommends/advices are wellcome..and sice i'm an idiot everyone should know u can even swear me if u think this will repair my mobo :-".. ok i'm being sarcastic ... I REALLY NEED HELP .. thanks guys
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  1. Next time RTFM!

    Since it cut out so quickly it sounds like your PSU had its overcurrent protection kick in, it should be fine, assuming it was a good brand to start with, and so should the other components, depending on the location of the short the CPU may be damaged but it is likely fine, hopefully the power circuitry manage to absorb the brief spike.

    I doubt you will get the motherboard covered under RMA, user error or damaged products arent covered generally.
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