Mobo replacement?

My puter had a sudden accident- went black and dead, I presume either Mobo or CPU burned out
Intel ’05 06788 Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz/ 8M / 1.866 / 05A
Intel DX38BT Motherboard LGA 775
Chipset Intel® X38 Express Chipset

I sent the Mobo to Intel on warranty, they inform me that they dont cover "shipping damage"
the Mobo was packed in bubble wrap+ styrofoam beans,apparently accepted by them without complaint
SO I believe they are just weaseling out of the warranty, as either the MOBO or the CPU is defective

TO the point: replacement Mobos go for ~225$+ S&H
If I buy a new one I still might find out that indeed the CPU burned out, not the Mobo

Question1: should I toss the combo and get a new MOBO /CPU combination? like I5 generation

Question 2: how to fix the above problem intelligently at lowest cost


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  1. USA? Newegg has an open box DFI x38 board for $87 plus shipping (assuming you are using ddr3). I use frys in store only combo specials. They have one Intel combo for $29.99 after rebate which will work with your old cpu, but it uses ddr2.
  2. thanks oldie, will check it out
    My above mobo uses DDR3 1333 MHz
  3. If you get an open box biostar or DFI board, they may send you a backplate for free. Just email them and tell them your board didn't come with one. Sometimes they don't even charge a shipping fee. Most newegg open box boards come with no accessories. Newegg also has some cheaper ddr3 Intel boards. Just use the advanced search feature and select "ddr3 1066".
  4. To conclude
    I spent days researching what makes sense today,from updating to "new" i7 920 to resurrecting.I concluded that resurrecting is far more economical, given all the peripheral costs.I bought a used ASUS P5E3 board on Ebay. Lets hope it works :)
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