Build List Complete (Need Review Before Purchase)

Purchase Date: Today or Tomorrow

System Usage: Gaming

Parts Not Required: Video Card (Already Have GTX 275)

Preferred Website for Parts:

Parts Preferences:

Overclocking/SLI: Yes/Yes

Monitor Resolution: Unsure as of yet but most likely 24" widescreen


Okay so I have finally concluded my search for parts. Before I buy I need one last look-over from you guys.



CPU: i7 920


Case: HAF 932

RAM: OCZ Platinum 6GB 1600 MHz

Hard drive: WD 1TB Black Edition

OS: Vista Home Premium 64-Bit with windows 7 upgrade coupon

CPU Cooler: XIGMATEK Dark Knight

DVD/RW Drive: LITE-ON Black 22x

EXTRA: 8-Pin Extension



What do you guys think? It's my first build so I'm really excited. Mainly want you guys to look at the RAM and DVD drive because I am unsure about whether or not there is better equipment out there.

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  1. You can get this gskill ram for significantly less, and its low voltage will allow you to get much tighter timings.

    Im not sure if you will notice a significant difference between DVD drives, i havent seen a review for them for a while.
  2. looks solid, nice build.
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