How to change HDD in Asus G73jh and what HDD to buy?

I have a G73jh and there are 2 slots for an HDD but only one is filled atm. I would like to add a SSD but not sure how to do it and which one is compatiable with my computer.

I know how to physically install it but do i need to do something with the OS? reinstall? BIOS? or will i plug it in and will it run right away?

what is a SSD that is compatable with my computer?

after installed how do i create the drive in "My Computer"? will it auto detect it and make a drive for me?

Should I put only major programs like games on the SSD and keep all photos and such on the other drive?

sorry im such a noobie on hardware :(
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    The HDD is a SATA drive. You can replace this with any commercially available 2.5" SATA HDD.

    If you are planning on transferring the OS to the new HDD, then clone the old HDD on to the new HDD.

    Specs. - (dual HDD support)
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