Data will not transfer to external hard drive?

Before replacing an internal hard drive, I stored data onto an external drive. Data does transfer back to the new internal drive, but data is not going the other way, back to the external.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware,

    Give us a full description of your removable external HDD, manufacturer, model, size, USB, eSATA, or IEEE 1394.
    Then go to Disk Management, in the lower graphical section and please list what it say in the Disk Status and Volume Status section.

    The Disk Status section on the left should read something like: Disk1, Basic, xxx size, Online. (does it say Foreign here?)
    The Volume Status section below the colored bar should read something like: volumeName, driveLetter, xxx sizeMB, Healthy (Primary Partition)

    Also, when you attempt to write to it, does it ever say "Read Only"?

    That will help get you started in pinning down the problem
  2. Lacking all of the information that is required I can only speculate as to the problem. The first obvious thought is that the external drive is full and thus will not allow any more data to be written to it, or the external drive has a write protect switch on it or that its file system has become corrupted, try check disk under properties tools for that drive.
  3. Sometimes external drives when written to, moved to another computer, end up being "read only". It's different in Win-XP and Win-7 because of the way the security is managed in the different OS.

    Tell us what OS you are using, or if it is different after moving this removable HDD, and if the removable drive is formatted in NTFS. Also check the earlier post and give us as much info as possible from Disk Management

    That way hopefully we can get your removable drive going again.
  4. Thanks for your responses. An article at Apple support mentioned problems of transferring data with Mac OX 10.5 versions. The suggested solution involved reformatting the drive and adding a partition. This, of course, deletes any existing files.Luckily there was an easier solution. I just downloaded an upgrade from Apple to their latest version. MAC OX 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard ) which I already owned. The problem of transferring data to the external hard drive was solved.
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