Audio help!

Hey guys this is my hardware and software.



Windows 7 professional 64-bit.

The problem is when i am listening to iTunes and i am doing HW on Microsoft office 2007 the music scratches when when i am typing. Also when i make a new folder and i type the folder name the music scratches

I have also already updated my latest sound driver from Realtek.

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  1. Can you give your full system specs, just your motherboard and GPU doesnt tell too much.
  2. acer 22"

    some like 5 year old standard PC speakers.

    250 gb HD i think its western digital.

    and a dvd drive
  3. What processor, what ram, do you have a separate sound card?

    Those are the 3 parts most likely responsible for choppy sound.
  4. Does it happen if you use something other then itunes? Try using WMP and see if it still happens.
  5. 4gb of ram no seperate sound card.and i have amd antholon 64x 5200+
  6. Hey i am still having this problem. I use wmp and it is better than itunes.

    I still get audio skipping when i hold down shift or control.

    Furthermore, I noticed that it is only when the volume is high. Will a sound card fix this problem?
  7. Got nothing to lose if you try. You can always return the card if its not the culprit.
  8. i got a sound card and it minimized the problem... but it still occurs.
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