Upgrading mobo in HP e9180t

My constant source of buyer's remorse is an HP e9180t, the problems of which are exceedingly well-documented at this point. I've had a very open minded and benefit-of-the-doubt attitude toward HP on the issue, but at this point I'm convinced the system just doesn't work reliably, and I really don't care why anymore. I just want a system that works! Along the way I've been instructed by HP techs to:

1) Update the NVIDIA driver - done
2) Update the bios - done
3) Do a complete system recovery and then reload everything, including the Win 7 upgrade and all other software I've added - done
4) Reseat the graphics card - done
5) Reseat all memory - done
6) Reconfigure various OS settings - done

When none of that did it, I went ahead and upgraded the graphics card (to NVIDIA 260) and PSU (to Corsair 750) at my expense - and still I have a system that dumps or hangs at least once a day - better than the every-other-boot BSOD's that it had out of the box, but still unacceptable.

Since the MoBo is kind of the last stone unturned and the most commonly agreed upon culprit in these lemons, I may just replace it with an aftermarket board and cut my losses in terms of time wasted. I could use some help in that regard, though, from anyone with experience or expertise in the process. Here's my questions - any help anyone could provide would really be appreciated!:

1) I'm looking at the ASUS Rampage Gene II over the EVGA X58 Micro because of it supports eSata. Does anyone know if the Truckee has any non-Micro ATX standards that would prevent a direct bolt-in replacement, mechanically? Any other thoughts/caveats on this board?
2) I received the Win 7 upgrade after buying the system - are the reg keys on the upgrade discs tied to the OEM board, or will I be able to run this copy with a new, non-OEM board?
3) Any other problems I'm likely to encounter?

Hope this is the right forum to place this in - any help would be immensely appreciated!
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  1. go for the asus board..

    you will have to reactivate windows...

    HP ironically use lower end Asus Boards in some of their machines.

    I would install Windows 7 now and reactivate it.. the os on your machine will be hp bios locked, which means you will have to re activate it... you may have to phone microsoft and tell them the truth its a oem machine with a new motherboard and they will give you the activation code, press 2 for client license activation, they may moan about it but they will let it through.
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