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Hey guys, so i decided to built a new comp, but i got a few months before i need it finished. So im jus gonna try and buy all thepieces seperately when they go on sale, if possible.

Today on newegg theres the 8gb 1333 g-skill ripsaw RAM for 59.99 with 22.50 instant off.

My question is about the 1333, is it going to be a noticable difference from the 1600? Im going to be using the computer primarily for gaming (skyrim and diablo 3) so im just making sure.

Also, im looking at a few computer cases but im not sure what about all the sizes and expansion slots on them. Im just going to be doing a basic build, no crossfire or anything like that. So any recommendations for a cheap case around 30$ or less?

Im on btw, im pretty sure the deals are different between .com and .ca

THanks guys!
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  1. If you are going to use it mostly for gaming I would get the most gig and fastest memory the motherboard supports. Get a solid case and not one of those that bend at a touch or you might have motherboard problems of flexing. This way you would not have to upgrade in the future if you find you don't have enough memory.
  2. Yeahh first check if the mobo memory speed first, Second is the ram working in triple or dual channel, I'm guessing dual.... DDR1600 in triple channel clearly out performs dual (even using some xtra ram at running @1800mhz). however( still guessing your mobo is dual) using them here, you would hardly notice any difference, On the other hand if your board supports only single channel memory( which I doubt) then go for 1600 one, cause here the difference will be obvious. To help with case problem you need to give some more details, such as, number of hard drives, if you will be going for overclock etc......
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