Upgrade celeron m to pentium 4 m cpu acer travelmate 2410 laptop

Hi there,

I'm currently running an acer travelmate laptop 2410 1.5h celeron m and am seeking to upgrade to an pentium 4 m processor with windows xp home and 1gig of ram.

Please could you advise if this is possible?

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  1. yes it is possible but u won't see a lot of difference

    what are the specs of ur new processor?
  2. Not the OP, and sorry to resurrect a thread, but I'm considering something similar, only a 2420 instead of a 2410. Per the manual, the 2420 supports:
    • Intel® Celeron® M processor 370/380/390 (1 MB L2
    cache, 1.50/1.60/1.70 GHz, 400 MHz FSB) or higher
    • Intel® Pentium® M processor 725 (2 MB L2 cache, 1.60
    GHz, 400 MHz FSB) or higher
    • Mobile Intel® 910GML Express chipset

    Why do you say there won't be much of a difference?

    Since they say "or higher", would it be plausible to use a Pentium M 755 (2.00GHz, 400MHz FSB)? Would that change your answer above?

    Of course, with a price tag about $100, I'm not sure it makes economic sense to do it. I already have 2GB RAM.
  3. A Pentium M would give better performance than a Celeron M. By a lot. I know from experience.

    My fiance had a eMachine with a 2.7GHz Celeron. I upgraded it to a 2.8GHz Pentium 4. Only 100MHz more but the Pentium 4 made her system boot up probably 3x faster, although it was still crap compared to my 3.4GHz P4.

    Celeron is always the low end brand. Its just like Sempron. Lowest binned CPU.
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