When I install Windows XP Pro it keeps asking me for password

I am installing W/XP Pro and even when it asks to set up password during the install and accepts that password it will not let me in because it says I do not have the right password.
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  1. Check with your number lock on and off, and with your caps lock on and off.
  2. bypass putting in a password all together.... they are pesky little things that people forget often. :hello:
  3. Yes, on home PCs I never use a password on the user account; only on the admin account.

  4. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    The password it asked you to set during installation was for the system Administrator account. If you then went on to create one or more User Accounts, with or without passwords, that initial one you set is not the one required to log in to a User Account.

    Ignore Eillen's advice and leave the system Administrator password in place - just make sure you have a note of it somewhere outside the computer.

  5. Agreed, DO NOT remove the admin account or the even the password to the admin account. If your user account gets corrupted that will save you a lot of work. . .
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