Help!!! New build PC no Power up.

I built my new one 3 weeks ago. First time I turned on the power everything was fine and went to bios but after 2 minutes it shout down by itself. So i turned it on again tried to set up in bois but after 5 minutes it became black screen so I thought something wrong then tried to turn it off by pressed power button at front but no luck. Then I turned PSU swicth off. I found I didn't install my CPU cooling Fan correctly(yes, overheat) so tried reinstalled it then turned it on again but Gee, nothing happened only front power button light and cooling fan light flashed 1/2 second and PSU fan and case fan spinned 1/2 second, no power up. So I checked my PSU by swithing to another PC is worked but I couldn't check my CPU and motherboard because another PC is not is what I did:

Plug 4 pins and 24 pins power cord, yes, I did.

Unplug everything but MB and PUS and one memory card. no power.

put MB on paper box to avoid short try again, no power.

reinstall cooling fan and check the cpu no crack or burned or bad pins.

reset Cmos and take battery out for a day.

swith power and reset wires to check wires problems.

Motherboard or CPU is dead?
Please help me find out what's wrong? everyone got same situation before? thanks so much for any suggestions.

Asus m3a78-em 780g
Ocz 600W modxstream_pro PSU
4Gb Corsair memory card
AMD 2.3 45w dual-core CPU
All is new.
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  1. Well first of all try a new power outlet maybe that'll solve your problem. well if it still does not work then it is a dead system...


    1. When you power up you MOBO off course you should make sure all the necessary parts are installed (processor seated well with heatsink fans installed properly, then your ram firmly seated, front panel connectors checked), Is your PSU fan spinning ?

    2. If it is spinning then your MOBO receives power then thats a good thing. If not then Your MOBO or processor is fried!

    3.Try removing your MOBO from the case place it on the floor with some insulation material to avoid short circuiting it. e.g the static bag that comes with your MOBO
    then do step number 1. If it works then your case is touching your MOBO thus, short circuiting it.

    4. You should also check for burnt smell coming from any of your components

    hope this helps..
  2. Checklist please -
    Make sure you follow each step properly...
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