PC Start-up Problem

Does anyone have any insight to this problem?
I can only start my computer once every 1-2 hours. When it does start it runs fine, able to play games, movies etc and all the RAM, harddrives and CPU are detected. The only exception is my network port is not detected (might be a red herring however).
However if I was to attempt to restart my computer it would not POST BIOS. All that would happen is the fans spin up to full, then drop to low, then spin up to full again and once again drop to low where it then remains forever. There are no warning beeps, even if I remove all my RAM there are still no beeps. The on light shines and I am able to open my CD Rom. If I do not attempt to turn on my PC for 1 to 2 hours it will then start up fine.

I have attempted the following with no luck.

* I have reset my CMOS and tried with a different CMOS battery.
* I have tried with a brand new PSU thinking the problem was my old one (which started making funny noises), this caused no change.
* Tried with multiple power cables and in multiple wall outlets.
* Tried removing and swapping around sticks of RAM in case one was problematic.
* Tried running with only 1 stick of RAM, CPU and Video card attached.
* Tried running with no RAM to see if it would beep (it did not).

Also should note that I only noticed these problems after a storm which fried my router. Except the morning before the storm I did have similar trouble starting my computer however my network port was detected, so I am not 100% certain the storm is responsible for everything.

Finally my computer specs.
CPU: Core i7 920
Motherboard: Asus P6T
RAM: Patriot 3x2Gig DDR3
Video: Radeon HD 4980
PSU: (the new one) Corsair VX550

The other stuff shouldn't matter.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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  1. Without any specifics of the p6t board, the fact that you're not getting any error beeps makes me think you've got a bad mobo. The only other long shot I could think of would be to try a different video card. I worked on a system with similar issues (no error beeps, fans ran but no post, occasionally could full boot after it "warmed up") but when I tried a much older video card it worked fine.
  2. Yeah I tried an older video card, as well as no video card and both had the same result.
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