Flash drive mounts then dismounts? Windows 7

I have been using an mp3 player 4Gb as a flash drive recently for doing a Windows install from a USB. It is generic / very cheap. It was working fine until I recently formatted it (FAT). Now when I connect to the computer it (I think) mounts and dismounts quickly before I can even see it. (I hear a beep, and sometimes it shows up in "Computer" area before it disappears.) How would/could I go about trying to fix this? Thanks!!
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  1. My old 1GB Sansa MP3 player had a setting I needed to change before I could connect it to my computer, can't recall what it was but perhaps your player has a similar issue.
  2. What version of Windows?
    I think anything before 7 needs service packs before USB works correctly.
  3. Sorry, I forgot which forum I posted the question to and just found it... Thanks for the responses.

    I have Windows 7.

    This drive is super cheap. Doesn't even have a reset button that I can see...
  4. Since the drive is super cheap, I would throw it out. :-)
    If there is data you need, try it on another computer.
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