***Please Please help OC i7 920 as im so confused

Hi all, iv just swapped my phenom 965be, Asus Crosshair IV formula, 8gb G.Skill Ripjaws and Thermalright Silver Arrow for an I7 920, Asus Rampage II extreme, 6gig Corsair XMS3 memory and Corsair H50 (never had an intel processor before ever).

Now my overclock on the phenom was a breeze reaching 4.0ghz with nb freq at stable 2780mhz (i think but defo around that number) whilst also overclocking the memory and tightning the timings at the same time. Now with the I7 my problems begin. I have read and re-read loads of I7 guides with various different instructions on overclocking the 920 to 4.0ghz. Whilst some manage 4.0ghz with only 1.27v i cannot get mine stable at 3.8 with 1.35v to the cpu. Im also struggling understanding the QPI/DRAM voltage and the CPU PLL and what average figure I should be looking at?!?. So far my highest voltages are 1.35v cpu, 1.65 dram, 1.35 QPI/DRAM, 800mv cpu diff amp and also left my ram timings to auto and underclocked my memory to elimanate that to being the problem. Iv ran small ffts 1st and always got blue screen errors with them voltages with either e1, fc errors so upped my voltages on the cpu but no joy. Im also having the dreaded asus NB heat probs as on idle my NB temp is 51 degrees and 42 for SB and on load (black ops) NB tops out at roughly 60-62 degrees so I dont know if that is the reason for the failed overclocks. My ambient temp is on average 18-20 degrees.

My processor is stepping D0 rev5. :heink:

:ange: PLEASE PLEASE could someone help me as im thinking that I made a mistake in swapping my stable 4.0ghz amd for this lot.

MANY MANY Thanx in advance.
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  1. Sometimes 3.8 is the wall for a i7 920, nothing you can do about it if that's the case.

    What's your uncore speed and ram set to? Also make sure you're running the lowest qpi link speed possible.
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