Dirty case = bad mobo or cpu?

Hello,I am working on a compaq presario for a friend and am stuck on whether the mobo or cpu is bad. It will not post at all and the screen stays blank. I cleared the cmos and got the startup screen. I entered the bios to see if it recognized the hdd and it froze. Now it wont post again. It has an Asus A8N-LA mobo with an Athlon 64 cpu. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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  1. If you can enter BIOS, the problem is not the MB or CPU. Perhaps the hard drive is toast. That being the reason the OS won't load it being on the HD.
  2. Not quite, it can be a bad mobo if u are using the integrated graphics. I had an older AM2 motherboad that didn't go past POST and when I entered the bios it u would show vertical lines and froze. My problem was that the capacitors went bad and i simply changed them with new ones. Have a look inside the case, look for any lumps on the capacitors heads or check to see if they leaked out.
  3. Quote:
    Not quite, it can be a bad mobo

    Wrong. It's called 'POST'. The system cannot POST to BIOS if the MB or CPU are non operable as the OP is asking. The problem is not a bad MB or CPU if the system Posts.
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