Underclock or overclock 1333 memory?

Hey guys, I recently overclocked my i5 760 to 3.80Ghz (stable) at 181 x 21,
I notice that my 1.5V 8GB of DDR3 1333 memory is pushed to 1448. I'm planning on pushing my OC to 4Ghz, which would mean my memory would go to 1528mhz (because of x8 multiplier).

Should this be okay? at 1.5V? Or if I push it higher, might I need like 1.56 volts or something?
Or should I underclock the memory at a x6 to 1146mhz?
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  1. It depends on your memory/mobo and CPU. It might very well run fine at a higher frequency with 1.5V. The only way to tell is to actually test and see. Obviously you should use OCCT, P95 or Linpack to check system stability with any OC.
  2. Ran at default as possible.. It's better for stabillity
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    From my experimenting....

    You should aim for 1400 or 1600, probably not higher with that RAM. You don't mention the latency, but let's assume it's 7-7-7-21 at default. You can probably leave it the same for 1400mhz, but for the jump to 1600mhz you'd need to increase the timings to 8-8-8-24.

    Anyway, basically at any given timings and voltage, there's a max stable speed you can achieve. I would say an easy thing for you to do is set 200 base clock, 4ghz on the CPU, and 1600mhz on the RAM at increased timings.

    On basically every system prior to SB, RAM was definitely a hold-back to OCing as it was linked with FSB (or in this case base clock) which is why overclockers like to buy 1800 or 2000mhz RAM.
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