Looking for a mid performance cool running card

Hey guys

So my 8800GTS Superclocked had finally died after stupidly high temperatures (80C idle 100+ under load) and I'm looking for a replacement. I was thinking about getting a XFX 9800GT
( http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us/products/graphiccards/9series/9800gt.aspx ) as they seem relatively cheap and about the same dimensions as the 8800GTS give or take a few mm. However I've read reviews of people complaining about how hot the card is running and that the fan doesn't even cover the VRAM even though it looks like it does.

So I was wondering what was your opinion on this card regards to performance and temperatures? I'm not that techinically proficient to install my own heatsink or extra fans on the case for that really to be an option though I always check for dust on around a two week basis.

Here is the case I am using should it be any help to you: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135101 (Coolermaster Elite 330)

I'm also using a P5K motherboard

Any card suggestions (preferably Nvidia) would be welcomed :)

Thanks for your time

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  1. A card shouldn't "just run too hot", unless there's no airflow (maybe the computer was stuffed underneath a desk and no air could get in at the side or out of the back.)

    There are however cards out there which have improved cooling solutions, the XFX 9800GT isn't one of them. In fact it has a pretty bad cooling solution: the air gets blown into the case, not out the back of the computer, because the airduct doesn't cover the entire card and it has a normal fan.

    The 9800GT from EVGA seems a lot better.
  2. or the ati 4770
  3. obsidian86 said:
    or the ati 4770

    Totally forgot about that one, if you can get it for the same price as the EVGA 9800Gt, or less, the HD 4770 is also an option (it's performs nearly the same as an 9800GT but runs cooler and uses less power.)
    But you said you'd rather have Nvidia, if you are running some form of Linux I agree that Nvidia would be better for you, otherwise it doesn't matter.
  4. Like this?


    I refuse to suggest any card that mounts a crappy cooler that does not exhaust its heat outside of the case and, since all the Newegg HD4770 coolers do not do this I will not suggest one:(
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