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hey guys i got a OLD 400 watt PSU and every once in a while my HD's will give me random write and read errors (mostly under heavy use of all 3 drives and vid card) i was wondering if i should be looking for a new PSU?? cause these random errors are really annoying.... :heink: and yes the HD's check out fine they are both Seagates and i have installed the seagate diag tool and they check out if i run them seperatly if i run them at the same time and watch a DVD then random errors every ware sometimes ending in BsOD

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    You probably do need a new PSU.

    Specs of old PSU? System specs?
  2. Pc specs are

    Amd athlon 3200+ OC to 2.3

    ati radeon x1600pro 512mg ram OC to 627core\ 418 ram

    Gigabyte K8u-939

    2 HDD- 80gb segate barracuda and 320gb barracuda

    2gb kingston DDR 400

    1 HP dvd ram RW+
  3. oops.... forgetful me and my psu 400W
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