I recently purchased 2 OCZ 60gig Vertex's and tossed them into RAID 0. I am just curious if anyone else has and their thoughts on the purchase.

Word, Playa.
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  1. Haven't bought onw yet since its still a tad too pricey. I really want one of the Intel ones that show 200MB/s read/write speeds but still all too pricey.

    Of course I will probably wait till my next build so I can take advantage of SATA 6.0. If anything I would make them a Windows drive and the rest of my stuff would go on the old HDDs till 500GB becomes $50-$80 buckz a SSD.
  2. I'm running an 80GB X25-m as my boot drive.
  3. I agree with jimmy, still too expensive for the boost it provides.
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