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what is the best, longest lasting 1tb hard drive that isnt overly expensive?
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    My vote goes for the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB... I've been using one for close to a year now without issues and they are very hard to beat on price & "price to performance".
  2. thank you.
  3. No such thing .... here simply is no "best" hard drive, what you can pick is the best HD for particular applications. For example, If noise and temperature are among your primary goals, then the Seagate 7200.12 would be your best bet ..... application wise, one exceeds in photo apps while another excels in video ....pick the one from the list comparison here that does best in the applications you use. That will be the HD that is "best for you".,1015.html?prod[2371]=on&prod[3016]=on&prod[2365]=on

    Note: the HD models are at the top of the chart but depending on firewall settings and other factors may not display in some browsers.
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