Do I need a new video card?

I have a 1.98G Core2 processor (upgradable to Kentsfield Quad Core Q6600, 2.40G, 8MB, 1066FSB, G0), 2 gigs of 800 DDR2 (upgradable to 2 gigs, but I have 32-bit XP), 500G 7200 RPM harddrive, and a Geforce 7950 GX2 video card.

I can run Aion on medium settings and get anywhere from 25-60 fps depending on if people are running around or not. So, I am guessing upgrading to an ATI 4850 would boost my performance? Or is that since my processor and ram are on the low/older side that it is creating a bottleneck?

I have a fresh install of XP, seperate partitions for OS/programs and junk, etc. So, a performance boost has to be within the hardware.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions, they are truly appreciated!
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  1. if u just wanna play aion a dual core e8400 is very good and a upcoming hd 5750 will suite u well.
  2. mmorpg only utelizes 1 core of cpu and loads of ram
  3. Well, my mobo is only upgradable to an E6600/Q6600 (my mobo can only use 1066 FSB) which is why I was asking the questions.

    So, with an E6300 processor and 7850 GX2 Video Card, I am guessing I should just save up my money and replace everything? Or will a video card upgrade make a major difference?
  4. The graphics card update will allow you to play at higher settings but your 25FPS dips will still occur as they are likely CPU based. OCing your processor would probably give you the performance boost you need.
  5. Yeah, I tried OC'ing the processor, but considering this is a Dell XPS 410 that I just bought for $200 from my roommate until I am finished with college... it's not really letting me OC. I tried OC'ing using Clockgen and it gets unstable at 2G and at 2.1G I get BSOD.

    I could whine and complain, but it beats the Pentium 4 setup I had a week ago, lol.

    Oh well no biggie, I can handle low/medium graphics until this December when I graduate. If I ever get tempted to whine, I will just pull out my Pentium 4 and remind myself it could be worse :)

    Thanks again to everyone that posted, but if you have any other advice, please share. It is truly appreciated!
  6. If you can find an 8800GT/9800GT/GTS250 for very little cash then go for it.
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    GPU issue here; Dual GPU solutions are prone to FPS jumping, and the 7950GX2 wasn't exactly the most efficent card when it came out...

    Yeah, go with one of the above ^^
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