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Hey guys,

I just bought a Zotac GTX 560 Ti ... The regular model, not the AMP or OC or anything like that. It has a core clock of 822mhz....

Just wondering how I would go about overclocking this card to around 950mhz and have it run stable. Does anybody know how to go about overclocking a card like this? I am able to adjust things in MSI Afterburner but I seem to be have trouble getting it to run stable. I'm figuring it might have something to do with voltages but I know nothing about how to adjust the voltages. Does anybody have a link to a description of how to overclock this card in particular? Thanks.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    You need use software, I recommend MSI Afterburner. Start to rise the clocks in little steps and test the GPU for stability with programs like unigine heaven DX11.
  2. Yes, I have afterburner... but I believe I'm having difficulty getting a stable overclock because I'm not sure how to tweak voltages and I don't want to ruin my card
  3. Get the most stable with the stock voltage, after that unlock the voltage in settings and start to rise it in little steps.
  4. Currently Im using an Inno3d gtx560ti (non OC edition). The highest stable clock I have gone is 1010mhz. So far from what I have read and experienced the 560 ti can do 900mhz easily.

    I suggest like what saint said use afterburner.

    if you have good enough cooling then you can touch the voltage setting but I suggest to avoid that for now. Move one setting at a time in increments of 10mhz so start with the core clock look for the highest stable speed (of course test the speed first before increasing it insanely high with a benchmark, I usually use Heaven since it seems to require a very stable clock to avoid artifacts) If no artifacts are present then increase some more. Also monitor your temps.
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