Bios take time to appear...Plz help

Recently my dekstop pc suddenly off during check disk in progress. After checking i found out my my Power Suply not working.
Then i changed it but the new problem is it take time to see bios screen....after it appear it detect my hardware faster like normal, but during loading my window vista suddenly blue screen appear in less 1 sec. Then it restart again.. i thought it could be Motherbord problem when i changed it the problem still same...idk what to do now

my spec
AMD Phenom 9550
4 x 1gb OCZ NVIDIA SLI edition DDR2
geforce 9400
500gb sata HDD

(*I'm sorry if my language is bad)
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  1. What OS are you using?

    Boot off your OS disc and use the repair console/repair tools to run chkdsk /r
  2. i'm using Windows Vista 64..i have try reset cmos but condition also same
  3. Ok, so boot off your vista disc, tap f8 on startup to access the repair tools. Run the chkdsk /r command.
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