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Are these temperatures correct? Or dangerous to my CPU?

My CPU is an Intel i7 930 , i got it at 3.8ghz right now anyway, at 1.2volts

the cooler im using is a scythe mugen rev b cpu cooler

ive re-fastend it and reseated it about 4-5 times but these high temps at this over clock never really change much at all, always in the 80s or higher, core 1 specifically likes to run extra hot.. maybe thats normal?

the thermal paste i use is arctic silver 5 , just the bead in the middle method, pea sized.

my case is a mid tower NZXT Gamma

inside is 6 Dimms of 2gb 1600mhz G.Skill ripjaws (12gb total)

two ati hd5770's in crossfire

and a 650 watt antec earthwatts PSU

and a dvd drive, some asus one..

theres 3 hard drives, well 2.. 2 western digital caviar blue's in raid 0 and a 64gb crucial M4 SSD

there are four 120mm fans, all the same style/brand spinning at about 1700-1900 rpms

2 are intakes, 2 our exhaust

there is 1 fan on my scythe mugen, pulling air through it twords the back , where the exhaust fan is only milimeters away.

im not sure what else to do, would a water cooling kit finally get this thing cooled down? i was thinking of an XSPC Rasa 750 RX240 or RS240.. not sure if a RX240 would fit inside my case or not yet, its about 4.8 inches wide so i gota get a measuring tape out.

or is my CPU showing signs of being from a bad batch? Heres a picture of my LinX running after about 11 minutes, CPU-Z up, and CoreTemp running

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  1. Those temps. are not excessive but you are getting warm unless the room temp. is also warm. You may need a better HSF or more case airflow for higher OC'ing. The Scythe Mugen is only a moderate HSF.
  2. oh ok, what HSF would you reccomend to beat this one? would a Hyper 212+ be more efficient?
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    Yes the Hyper 212+ would be a better choice and probably all you need unless you're going to go for maximum OC'ing.
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  5. Strange, i've come to look at them and my scythe mugen 2 rev b looks alot larger then the hyper 212+ , and more heat pipes, so i think my mugen 2 would have more surface area for better cooling in comparison??

    i heard theres a hyper 212 evo out now as well, but from the link you pasted me, that spire heatsink appears to be the best one? but i couldnt find it on newegg
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