Chooosing a new Hard Drive

Well, I have just recently used up all the memory on most of my computer and have been keeping an eye out for a new HDD. Currently, I have 3 in mind, all cost the same so price is negligible, and I wanted a few people's opinions on it. The three choices are

1. Western Digital Caviar Black (WD6402AAEX) - It sports 640 GB of memory which consists of 64MB of cache, supports 6GB/s and has an rpm rating of 7200. Also, this puppy comes with a 5 year warranty.

2. Seagate Barracuda (ST31000524AS) 7200.12 - It has 1TB of memory and 32MB of cache, supports 6GB/s transfer rate as well, has an rpm rating of 7200, and a 3 year warranty

3. Seagate Barracuda Green (ST1500DL003) - Biggest of the bunch with 1.5TB of memory and 64 MB of cache, supports 6GB/s, an RPM rating of 5900 (the green part I'll take it), and a 3 year warranty.

I am currently learning towards the WD product because I have had a couple bad experiences with seagate drives, and the warranty is a little more reassuring. As you can see the green barracuda has the largest storage and cache, but not the highest rpm rating, while the normal barracuda kinda sports a little bit of both, but lacking on cache. So I'm just looking for some feedback, thanks guys :)
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    I would go with the WD drive. I have never had a problem with WD but I guess you could say I am partial to WD.
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