Need advice for a MID-gaming computer (I want it to run SC2 & D3)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: (the closer the better)
BUDGET RANGE: The lower the better (CA$ MAX: 1000)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Multimedia (Need a nice sound card ), Gaming and :wahoo: Work
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (keyboard, mouse, speakers)
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (I don't care, I'll try to get it from a physical retailer in Montreal first)

PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type (I prefer intel)
OVERCLOCKING: A yes B/C I'm curious to try once but a maybe b/c I'm too lazy to do it.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Probably goin for a full-hd which mean 2mils pixels
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (Windows 7 or Vista?) I like the XP version but I always like to try new opperating system.


I was looking for the i7 (I wanted to try atleast one time to OC something) but some peps on the forum told me that a MID-range betwen i3 and i7 was coming soon (end sept/mid oct). I think that I can get more for my buck if I OC a system (I'll eventually run other game than SC2 & D3). I want to notice that I'm not a BIG gamer, I like to play but not that much!
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  1. I'd probably go with a phenom II x2 because you don't need the extra threads. Invest in your graphics cards, not the processor in a mid range so maybe one or two hd 4890s, and pick an appropriate motherboard.
  2. I'd prefer goin with intel (even if it's more expensive). Which CPU you propose in this case?
  3. You are going to have a very hard time fitting an i7 and x58 board and a good GPU into that budget, an AMD triple core would do almost as good in games and leave you enough budget for a good graphics card. If you are set on intel i suggest waiting a few weeks to see what the i5 brings out, i dont want to recommend an LGA 775 build with no upgrade potential.
  4. Triple Core? I read somewhere that it wasn't a good idea.
  5. powerfuel said:
    Triple Core? I read somewhere that it wasn't a good idea.

    Not sure where you read that, but its not true. Problem is, no way you're going to get an i7 with your budget if it includes a monitor. And if you do, you're going to have a serious bottleneck somewhere.

    Best bang for the buck right now is with AMD. Triple or quad core. Otherwise, wait till the i5 is released and see what the results are. For a gaming rig, you won't notice the difference between an i7 and a quad core from AMD. Most of your gaming performace will come from you GPU, not CPU.

    And I'd still laike to know why my sig disappeared!!
  6. Thanks. All I read bout Triple was (using my memory atm) something like less stable higher heat prod for less performance (on cache memory i think). I think they were tryin to say that it was better to spend a bit more for a quad. Whatever... I'll check out that new term "GPU" I've seen it in some articles but always took it as CPU even if I knew a was wrong... Huhh... I'll try to get more experience in that and come back.
    P.S. If you have a nice guide explaining step by step what it is/how it works/other stuff that'd be really nice.
  7. GPU is your video card. 'G'raphics 'P'rocessing 'U'nit if memory serves. CPU is your processor. You will save roughly $300 on an AMD quad core, motherboard and memory vs. an i7 platform. More than enough to pay for you monitor.
  8. Intel usually has the top of the line cpus, but since those don't have much competion they're expensive. AMD is great for bying processor equvalents from years back. A phenom ii x2 can take on the core 2 duos at much cheaper cost. Unfortunately amd doesn't seem to have a rival i7 coming out soon.
  9.> Good link? I have it for 100$ on AMD official site but I've found a similar one on at 150 "Black edition" which mean for me that its core multiplier are unclocked so it means it can be OC right?
    I want to be able to OC my computer, I'm not a freak, I just want to be able to give a longer life to my computer (it happened once that I needed almost nothing to run a game [a few GHz])
    Which Mobo I should look for? Video card? RAM?
    I don't ask you to do my job but I'm really lost in all of these product. It's easier for me when I have example to compare, I can't explain why it's easier for me to understand like that.
    Whatever, thanks for you help!
  10. You might want to start with these articles:,2146.html

    Basically there are three builds, one sub 1000, and one over 1000, and then a monster, but you can look at the parts for the two, as they are complete builds, so you can get an idea of what things look like, and what parts go with what. From there you can give us your ideas, like if you prefer certain parts or what a specific objective.

    Also, if you just browse through these forums, you can see a bunch of builds, and modifications. Look for a price range you like, and take that, and we can work with you to make it to your specs and desires. Some people will come in and build one from scratch, but if you have some idea, then we can work with it.
  11. Also take a look at proximons guide to choosing parts, it will help catch you up on the new parts, and look at tecmo's builds by usage to get an idea of what types of parts you should be looking at for your price range and usage.
  12. hunter315 said:
    Also take a look at proximons guide to choosing parts, it will help catch you up on the new parts, and look at tecmo's builds by usage to get an idea of what types of parts you should be looking at for your price range and usage.

    Hunter, thanks for posting that, that is actually what I was looking for, aren't those stickies? Anyway, OP, the above sets of links are a great place to start, especially the link Hunter posted, for getting up to date.
  13. Proximons is, but they limit the stickies to 3 per sub section so i keep having to find a post by tecmo to find the link to his, i should bookmark it someday.
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