My first build, what would you do?

Hello, I am finally getting all my hardware for my first build! I have a cooler master cm storm scout tower, Evga 9400 1gb 128 bit video card, Apevia 700w psu,phenom II x4 965 125w b.e. processor, Gigabyte Ga-ma790GPT-UD3H motherboard,Sony DVD Burner. I'm gonna add another video card later and I was thinking along the same lines when it comes to the memory. I want to think Big. I want to eventually make it 16GB? Or do I? At first I had 2x2GB in my shopping cart then I thought, What if I got just 1 4GB stick and ad the other three later? I don't know. Thats why I'm asking!So, What size, What brand, what voltage/speed, and how many?
Thanks a lot,
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  1. Get a branded PSU like corsair/antec etc.
    Get a phenom 955, 965 not really worth extra money
    Get a better GPU, get a radeon 5770 or something
    Dont even bother with 16gb ram...

    What are you even using this system for??
  2. I just wanted to build a bad ass computer that could do everything. The apevia psu is DOA. So what type of PSU do you think I should get. I understand branded, But with sli, 80 cert. 700w, Is that about right? How is coolermaster, OCZ?

    I decided to go with 8GB ram, I had already got everything else. The only other thing I am missing is an OS then I'll be set?
  3. Adding ram really doesnt do much at the moment... at the moment you only need 6gb in x58 builds max... as i see you got 8gb of ram, dont bother getting more for now, or a few years to come
    As for PSU look at the 650vx from corsair, or something similar from seasonic or enermax, all great brands for PSUs
    You want something that can do everything, yet you have a gefore 9400? you need a 5850 at the minimum to do what you want it to do...
    Yea once you get the OS youll be good to go
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