Raid0 array of 4SSD's to Single HDD

Currently I have 4 x 32GB SSD's in RAID0. One (or more?) of them is failing and I don't want to lose the whole array. What I want to do is buy a new Caviar Black 1TB and transfer the RAID array on to the new HDD. I have my OS and all applications, games, etc installed on the array right now. My question is, how can I transfer everything over without having to re-install everything again? I am relatively new to building computers and custom computers. If it makes a difference, the four SSD's are installed in the access bays at the front of my case. Thanks.


Nvidia GeForce BFG GTX 285
Intel i7 CPU 930
Gigabyte GA EX58 UD5 Motherboard
6GB Corsair RAM
4x 32 GB Corsair ssd's in RAID0
Win7 64 bit
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  1. Use any image backup software (clonezilla, EASEUS free version) and clone the single volume that your system sees the RAID0 as to the Caviar Black. Be sure to do a drive clone, not a partition clone.

    You won't be able to boot from said drive immediately, as the RAID drivers will be loaded for the OS drive, which is no longer RAID. Boot from the Win7 installation DVD and do a repair install. This will replace the drivers.

    For more interesting details, see .

    And learn from the experience and keep current backups of anything that you need. RAID0 is fragile.
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