Venting Qustion

I have a Sunbeamtech VentMax with the following settings.
top: 2 120mm exhaust
Rear: 1 80mm intake
Front: 1 120 intake
Side: 2 120 Exhaust
Lots of passive Vents

The reason I did this was I am installing a Corsair H100 and the only place I can put it is on the side door its 240 long. I am using a push pull exhaust or hope too. Opinions please?
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  1. Side: Intake
    Rear Exhaust

    Try this, as this is usually a more "standard" setup.
  2. Basic rule of case fans:
    Front and side - intake, and
    Back and top - exhaust.

    With a water cooling loop, you might need to change the fan orientation depending on where the radiator is.
  3. Thank u. I went back to standard set up. my case got hot. What about higher CFM Fans in front and rear> will that help. the water cooler is venting into the case. (Heat) so im conserned about peripherals.
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