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I was about to purchase Dell R710 for my small business. The server's specifications :-

Dual E5620

Since R710 come with embedded 4 x Gbe which will be fully utilize for LAN storage. The question is regarding the hard disk speed. What kind of HDD do I need to utilize 4 gigabit NIC? From the calculation I need 512MBps transfer (4096/8).


1. HDD speed not overkill the network speed
2. HDD speed not lower than network speed

HDD Combination

6 x 450GB 15K SAS 6Gbps
6 x 600GB 10K SAS 6Gbps
6 x 500GB 7.2K Nearline SAS 6Gbps
6 x 500GB 7.2k SATA 3Gbps


Raid 5 or Raid 10. Simply said, I need average write and read speed +- 512MBps (4xGbe)


• I'm planning to use H700 Integrated with 512MB Cache
• I only need 1.3-1.5TB array size which divided into 4 LUNs

Thank you for help
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  1. If write performance is important do not use RAID 5/6/50/60. I would go with 6x450 in RAID for optimal performance. Make sure your read and write cache is enabled (adaptive read-ahead/write back) and your battery is good!
  2. Meant to say I would go with 6x450 15k in RAID 10 for optimal performance.
  3. Is it the speed of 6 x 450GB 15K SAS will overkill all the NIC? :ange:
  4. Well using RAID 10, you'll really only get 3 15k spindles worth of performance. Seagate 15k SAS drives will give you approximately 175MB max throughput, giving you a THEORETICAL max of 525MB/sec, slightly more than 4Gbs. That is an extremely simplified way of looking at it though since there are many more variables. Are you primarily reading fromt his array? Writing to it? If its primarily read throughput you're looking for RAID 5 would be faster, if its writes then RAID 10
  5. The array will be divide into 4 LUNs which is :-

    1. OS partition (Winserver2008)
    2. Storage A for application (read) partition
    3. Cache for application (need both read and write) partition
    4. Storage B for application (read) partition

    Storage A contain few file.img with size around 15GB each
    Storage B contain one file.img with size exactly 1TB

    The server will be use for diskless system for internet cafe. It will be use as boot server for 100 disk-less machine.

    Please advise
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