Installing RAM ; which slots?

Gigabyte-ma785gm-ush2 Motherboard..

Channel 0 : DDR 1 and DDR 3
Channel 1: DDR 2 and DDR 4

DDR 1 and 2 are both one color and ddr 3 and 4 are another color.

If I'm installing two 1GB sticks that match, and two 512MB sticks that match... which slots do I put them in? The matched colors? or the matched channel's?
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    Matched channels, Put the 1gb sticks in 1 and 3, and the two 512mb dimms in slot 2 and 4 :)
    And the colouring thing, it just generally makes a mobo look a bit better lol
  2. Best answer selected by zeem.
  3. Thanks ; Done ; And very satisfied with outcome.
  4. no problem, just glad to help :)
  5. He obviously did... he was just confused by the coloring scheme on the board... fair enough if you ask me
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