What will happen to sata?

It seems like such a small amount of time that ssd went from 150mb/s read/write speeds to well over 500 now. The limits of sata3 are being pushed, and i think that consumer grade ssds capably of 1gb/s are just beyond the horizon. So what will ssd manufacturers do to overcome this? Will pci ssds become more common and better supported or will thing else be used like thunderbolt?
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  1. All would be better taken care of if SSD's were available at SATA HDD prices and with the same sizes. Till then the SATA modules would stay.
  2. Infiniband for all!

    Sorry about that. I was a big enthusiast for Infiniband when it came out, as both a storage and a network interface, but it did not take over the entire market.

    Because server applications will probably continue to use a large number of drives, whether they be SSD, holographic crystals, or trained bacteria in a culture medium, there will almost certainly continue to be a cabled connection (to support distance) that can connect several drives to one controller (to support quantity of devices).

    SATA will push a generation or two more, and then be replaced by the next thing. Something that I have found quite entertaining is that something obsolete usually becomes the next new thing. Interfaces went parallel to improve speed. Then parallel was saturated, and we went _back_ to serial to improve speed. Maybe next will be parallel optical: multiplexing 64 wavelengths over a single fiber?

    And, of course, PCI will go the way of the dodo as we build the next generation of backplane.
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