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Hello All,

I am having something very strange issue. I
have the Windows XP box running SP2. Now - I can log onto the box via my domain ID and specifying the domain and it works fine. However, I use the XP box for development. As part of the application I am creating, I have local groups on the XP box. I need to add the domain account which I am logged in as to the local groups on the XP box. However,
when I go into the local groups and users section, the only 'location' I have an option for is the local PC. I do not see the domain as a
location. However, if I do the same thing on the Windows 2000 server, in the dropdown list for 'look in' it shows the local machine as well
as the domain. Any ideas why I can't see the domain in the 'locations' box on the XP box?
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  1. Your machine may need to be rejoined to the domain

    Open a DOS prompt (Start, Run, CMD and press Enter)
    Then type this command:


    Does it list a bunch of files and directories ?
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